Books on a windowsill




There’s no single ‘set text’ for this course, but for different sections there are a number of articles, books, and videos which are worth reading or watching. We’ll be discussing some in class, and others will be useful for more general background or taking ideas further. This list will be updated over the course of the semester, so please check back.

One of the most useful overall is Bella Martin & Bruce Hanington, Universal Methods of Design—We’ll be using some extracts from this book.

For the first assignment, on observation, we will be using categories from John Zeisel’s Inquiry by Design. Here’s a link to the chapter we looked at on Monday January 22nd.

Other useful resources

Wayne C Booth, Gregory G Colomb, Joseph M Williams, The Craft of Research

Hugh Dubberly, How Do You Design?

Lucy Kimbell on Induction, Deduction, and Abduction